My family has proudly embraced the spirit of generosity for generations. From an early age we were taught its value, and encouraged to assist our communities, both locally and further afield, wherever we could. In that time, I’ve witnessed first-hand the profound effect generosity has on others, while working with charities, community groups, and like-minded businesses to create a positive change.

To formalise our strong family philosophy on giving, my son Tom Hill and I established the Brinsmead Hill Family Foundation. This is a foundation focused on making a positive impact on education and mental health, and in communities. We also acknowledge the important role sport plays in each of these areas. As such our Family Foundation encourages and supports various sport and many participants, from emerging to elite athletes.

Tom and I wish to thank the management and staff of ADCO for their support of this Foundation which underpins ADCO’s community engagement. The Foundation not only formalises strong family values, it also grows ADCO’s capacity and reach in its community engagement.

Judith Brinsmead AM
Chairman, ADCO Constructions
Principal, Tropical Fruit World & Rivergate Marina and Shipyard

Our Mission

To help Australians thrive by nourishing minds through education, mental health initiatives, and lifting hearts through community support.

Charity Partners

The Brinsmead Hill Family Foundation is proud to partner with Beyond Blue to support their new initiative, The Big Blue Door.

Beyond Blue has been providing support to people across Australia for the past 20 years. Australia's most well-known and visited mental health organisation, focused on supporting people affected by anxiety, depression, and suicide. Beyond Blue provides information and support so that anyone in Australia can achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. Beyond Blue leverages current and emerging technologies to provide the community with easy-to-access information and tools developed in partnership with leading experts.

Around 13 million people reach out to Beyond Blue each year, with the charity often being the first responder for those struggling. As a result, it has become the 'big blue door' for mental health services in Australia.

The Brinsmead Hill Family Foundation has partnered with Beyond Blue in its Big Blue Door initiative, which includes:

  • Developing a platform for peer-to-peer online community forums
  • Reframing existing ways of speaking about mental health
  • Developing a tool to self-identify an individual's current mental health state
  • Innovating and improving support services.

We have sadly lost a close family member to suicide, and we know we’re not alone – we all know someone impacted by mental health struggles, and its influence on the individual, their family, friends and community. For you Danny, we wish to be a part of positive change to prevent suicide.

At the forefront of community concerns Australia-wide, the Salvation Army provides hope to those experiencing hardship or injustice. The group's charitable work promises support both physically and spiritually, through practising the values of integrity, compassion, respect, diversity, and collaboration.

For more than 25 years our family, personally and professionally, has contributed to the Salvation Army. We have participated in bushfire appeals, drought appeals, the annual Red Shield Appeal, fundraising, donating and lending a hand in building of shelters and more.

We are delighted to continue our ongoing support of the Salvation Army.

Australia's first private, not-for-profit university, Bond University, is recognised internationally as a leading independent educational institution, imbued with a spirit of innovation, a commitment to influence and a dedication to inspire tomorrow’s professionals. Its students share a personal and transformational student experience.

In 2009, we established the ADCO Sports Excellence Scholarship at Bond University. This scholarship is awarded annually to outstanding athletes from around Australia who may be selected to represent Australia in their chosen sport. Our scholarship funds the tuition fees for a degree at Bond University, alongside a bursary to assist in the chosen sport. To date, 23 students have been recipients of this prestigious award, including World, Olympic and Commonwealth Games champions.

The Brinsmead Hill Family Foundation directors also contribute personally to the scholarship recipients' career development through the active provision of student mentoring.

Let's Connect

The Brinsmead Hill Family Foundation is based on the Gold Coast, although we operate nationally with the support of ADCO's national representation.

The Foundation has an independent board chaired by Tom Hill, and the board comprises:

Our Directors

  • Tom Hill
    Bachelor of Business and Management Major (Chair)
  • Jordan Palmer
    Bachelor of Laws and Commerce (Accounting)
  • Max Holmes Keane
    Bachelor of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying
  • Renee Allen
    Bachelor of Nursing and Perioperative Ophthalmic Registered Nurse
  • Judith Brinsmead AM
    Bachelor of Laws (Hons)

Our Details
Brinsmead Hill Pty Ltd ATF
Brinsmead Hill Family Foundation ABN 99 231 064 093
Level 5, 7 Bay Street Southport QLD 4215

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